Friday, August 3, 2012

A Color Filled Pear Room for Our Sweet Pair

For Iris and Sarah's 4th birthday, we decided to give them a more cheerful room.  Madeline saw Enzo Mari in one of my magazines and thought to paint her own version as their presents.  We are so pleased with the results.
Painting the red pear for Sarah, how personalized!
Our finished pears hung over our big kid beds (we formerly used floorbeds, this is a big step!)
Our toys and books.  We recently removed the letters, so that they are interesting and exciting at Montessori School this fall.
Our clothing drawers.
Art display, kid changeable.
Room view from my tip toes.  It's a small space, but we now have the room  for our individual treasures.   They love their new bedroom, hand made by Madeline (who was 5) and Mom!