Saturday, May 5, 2012

Some Physical Skills for Practical Life

The girls get PLENTY of work with Care of the Environment, so I added a few more Physcial Skills this week.
Tweezing, great for hand strengthening.

Pouring colored beads, it makes a great sound!

Gem Spooning, a girl's best friend.

Rocks and Mineral Scooping

Look!  Beads!

Shelves this week, after working.  They did a great job with keeping order.  From the top (these are the things the girls are really into right now, so they are out ;) ), Binomial Cube, Pouring, Color Tablets, Money Exchange Game, Scooping, Spooning, Tweezing, Cursive Sandpaper Letters, Print Sandpaper Letters, Sand Tray.
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