Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sensorial Fun

These photos were taken last weekend, when I started dusting-  the girls were suddenly re-interested in the sensorial works.  They spent a silent (it was Daddy's turn to sleep in) Saturday with the materials, while I drank my coffee and read my new book.  This is the life.

Red Knobless Cylinders, she's making a tower
She's sitting on the Pink Tower.  It's okay, we're at home  :)
Bean wants to draw the Knobless Cylinders as towers.
Working with the Binomial Cube
My blue tower, on paper
"It's an elephant"
I threw this photo in so that you can see their creative play with
Montessori and Waldorf items.  It's not all neat and tidy all the time....
....they're little kids!!!