Sunday, October 16, 2011

Montessori Monday: A Week of Rest (and work!)

This week, our little ones took turns staying home from school due to croup. There were many pajama days and trips to the doctor, but we still got some work in (I guess that's the joy of having cool stuff to do right at home!).

Bean is spelling with the Movable Alphabet and Objects independently now!

She's allowing her sisters to pick her next objects.  They caught me taking the photo :)
Metal Inset Work, turning into PUMPKINS!

Pumpkin is punching out a circle from the metal insets to make a pumpkin!  

Pumpkin Punching in progress....

More pumpkin punching...
3 Little Jack-o-lanterns over the books!

Some Pink Tower & Brown Stair Extensions

I see you, Bean!
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