Monday, October 31, 2011

Montessori Monday: Pumpkins, Counting, and FUN!

Monday's Montessori Moment at Mommy Moment is all about the Cards and Counters work shown in use below.  Go see it, here.

Hug a pumpkin!

Collecting and counting pumpkin seeds for roasting

Peanut enjoys the mini knobbed cylinders

Showing off her clean pumpkin collection, from Pumpkin Washing

Letter review for Bean, who is practicing writing these letters.  We worked on them with the sandpaper first, then on chalkboards, and then paper.  She keeps everything in a folder, she's quite the collector!

Concentration:  Look at the tongue!

Card and Counters by my 3 year olds :)  

5 is odd, no pair

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