Saturday, October 8, 2011

Commutative Property with The Addition Strip Board

Addition Strip Board Set Up.  

 This time, she let her little sisters set it up for her.  "Once you know all your numerals, you can do this work!  Okay?"  They were happy to be involved.  I showed her an example of Commutative Property, 1+3=4 AND 3+1=4   Look at that! What a discovery ;)

She tries another.....4+2 AND 2+4= 6  "Wait until my teacher finds out this secret, she's going to be surprised."  She's so entertaining!

Now she explores the idea.  She made all of the Commutative Property equations.  When I presented it, I showed it to her as a 'trick" she has this knowledge for future math work.  

7+1=8 AND 1+7=8

One happy girl!