Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Blending it all Together

Bean (age 5) has been using the movable alphabet for a while now, focusing on simple phonetic words that follow the consonant-vowel-consonant pattern.  

She's doing very well with it, so we are ready to add in some blends as a means of expanding her movable alphabet work.  Before this activity, it's a good idea to use Object Box 2-  phonetic blends.  I borrowed some of the objects from Object Box 2 for this activity (I bought them at a craft store over the summer).  I used some poster tack to fix  movable alphabet letters to boards.  She has always loved sorting, now we are sorting objects to their blends!  In the basket, I put equal amounts of objects for each blend so that she could self correct.  As she masters these, I'll add in new blends until she has experience with them all.  

crocodile, crown

star, stem

tree, truck

frog, fruit